21 November 2011


Most glitches/random failures in games can be extremely aggravating and annoying to deal with, like when you're trying to open a treasure chest but instead the character starts climbing the wall next to it (AC:R anyone...), but there are plenty of instances when glitches are simply brilliant and make you wish you had a software to record all those moments when they occur. I've met plenty of those, all the way from horses walking on water to playable characters endlessly falling through dimensions, or finding random NPCs stuck inside trees to emerging from bridges like zombies, but unfortunately don't have any means of capturing those moments... Nevertheless, I've found plenty of examples from people that do and it is pure joy to see that they appreciate it as much as I do. A recent discussion with a friend about the subject reminded me of one particular case that seriously made me fall off my chair from laughing so hard. I'll add another interesting one just because I can. And sorry if you're not a fan of Assassin's Creed, but those are the games I've spent most of this year with, so you'll just have to deal. Enjoy!

15 October 2011

You know those weird videos that you have no idea what's so interesting about them but you just keep looking anyway? This is like that for me...

11 August 2011

The Ugly People

I think this just made my day! And I ain't talking about Mr. Buscemi if you know what I mean...

15 July 2011


Sometimes I look at the things out in the world and see only bad people. Human beings who no longer care for the lives of other individuals or any living creature for that matter, only thinking about themselves. I got a fine example of it yesterday. At around 12PM I received a surprising phone call from the elder sister of an old friend of mine. This woman apparently nowadays works at a local hospital and they had a dilemma. A patient, of whom I know nothing about except that he/she would probably never set a foot outside the building again, owned two cats. These cats had to get a new home before 6PM, otherwise they would be put to sleep. So in 6 hours flat. Not only were I horrified about this fact alone, but also because one was a mother and the other her kitten.

I got very little information during that short conversation, but it was clear that the local animal rescue centers had no intention of helping ("We're full. Sorry") and the owner in question either had no relatives or they just didn't care enough to help out. So, the staff of that particular ward had taken it up as a task to find the poor cats a new home, even though it most definitely wasn't part of their job, but had had no luck so far. They were getting desperate and started calling people they knew personally and thus I got to know of this event.

I really felt sorry for the cats and know how it feels to be in that situation. Our own cats, Fitz and Narri, were facing the needle and we managed to adopt them about a week before the set time. Unfortunately we don't have the room or resources to take care of four cats, so we had to decline, but I promised to spread the word and ask around. After that I sent three text messages to 3 people. One responded and said she would ask her friends.

And at around 2PM, I got a new message. She had found a person who was more than willing to adopt the cats. I was overjoyed and shared the contact information back to the hospital.

At 3PM I got the final news. The cats had been saved. After that, I smiled like a fool at work for the rest of the day.

So, there are people out there who don't care. But there are also kind people who do and are willing to help at a moments notice. Even though I was just one link in a chain of warm hearted individuals, I was really happy I could help.

Thank you everyone who were involved in saving the cute little furballs! Really, thank you. It gives me hope that the world might not fall to ruin after all.

24 June 2011

Unusual shopping

Well, I have never counted myself as a girly type of a person, but sometimes my artistic mind takes me to strange places. Or should I say, strange purchases, namely two perfume bottles.

So de la Renta by Oscar de la Renta 1997
Escada Margaretha Ley by Escada 1990

You might be thinking, what's so special about two normal perfume bottles? Let me put things into perspective with my lovely assistant Narri, one of our cats.

Wooohaaa! They're huge! Narri is a full-grown cat and not a tiny kitten, so I guess that shows how big these are. And heavy. Seriously. I had trouble carrying them to the car..

Anyway, the whole point of buying something as stupid and useless as this is the fact that I would like to use them for some photoshoot, perhaps make a (wannabe) perfume ad of my own x) Also, I'm told that antique perfume bottles are actually quite valuable, especially the big ones. Although one could argue that these particular models aren't old enough to be called antiques, but they will be at some point in the future. Or maybe I'll just have them as decorative objects in my bathroom when I'm an old lady someday.

19 June 2011

Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Shiver with anticipation my friends. Shiverrrrrrr....

Btw, the song is "Iron" by Woodkid. I strongly suggest you watch the official video for it as well.

29 May 2011


This is a British series that I watched a while ago, but it left such an impression on me that I wanted to write at least something about it and spread the word that it exists.

So, what exactly is Misfits? Well, some describe it as Heroes, but a british version of it. Trust me, it is not a copy or another version of anything. The concept, story and overall creation of the whole series is in my mind completely original and different from anything else I've seen in this genre.

Misfits is a story about 5 rebellious and one could say troubled teenagers who have to do communtiy service because of illegal acts of various kinds. It all changes when during a mysterious storm they are hit by lightning and gain superpowers. This might sound lame and the whole superhero thing is quite used, but this is where the series stands out. The creators are completely aware of the fact that sometimes superhero movies and series can be ridiculous when they try to be overly serious, and thus they combine british humor with some proper drama and even action to create something completely different.

So what you expect and what you get is totally mixed up and flipped over

You expect something stupid and low budget..
... and you get something strangely cool!
Now, both images are from the series, which shows quite well the awareness they have of how they can use superhero clichés to their advantage. Our superheroes aren't really that super or heroic at all, since they focus more on living their daily lives and other problems (both supernatural and natural) than saving the world. Also, I like the fact that their powers aren't that obvious and some of them are very unusual, sometimes harmful and at other times seriously problematic. Sometimes they even fail miserably and seriously mess things up for themselves.

Operation failure
Which superhero looks like this when facing danger?
But most of all the series is supported by in my opinion a great choice of actors&actresses who help create these 5 memorable characters, as well as minor characters such as "Super Hoodie" and their probation workers. They're all different and definitely not a group that would hang out normally if it weren't for community service, but they all share a sort of social awkwardness which isn't so obvious for all of them. I admit, in the beginning I disliked some and found others boring, but as you watch more episodes you learn more about them and why they behave in a certain way. So, a character you hated in the beginning might suddenly become your favorite! Nevertheless, all the main characters have depth and keep developing during the series.

Nathan: the jerk and definite comic relief

Kelly: the rude girl who surprisingly is the toughest of them all

Simon: the quiet, weird guy who nobody understands

Alisha: the flirty, sexy girl with attitude

Curtis: the athletic guy with ambition

Super Hoodie: a free-running villain or fellow hero? Go find out!

Now, it think this should be enough. As you see I focused more on images than words, since I really can't explain this series without giving out too much information about the plot and giving immense spoilers... So, what I recommend is that you give it a try. You might not feel impressed by the first episodes (for instance my boyfriend didn't) but try to keep watching and you might find yourself not being able to stop watching, like me. I love the series and hope it will continue soon with a third season.

Nathan says "Watch Misfits!"

I agree! Go watch Misfits right now! At least give it a try, it's worth it (oh L'Oréal....). Here's part of the opening scene and credits: